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Final Fantasy

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Hop's Characters Potentialfaceclaim_zps067113eb

Cerynn Eneis Vericity

~*Name: Vericity Eneis, although her full name is Cerynn Eneis Vericity.

~*Gender: Female

~*Age: 724 years old, although she appears to be 24.

~*Appearance: How about we look at the picture above for her face claim... except her hair is light purple (similar to the color of her name) and her eyes are dark green. I really don't care to describe her outfit on Pulse. For official military business, she wears an all gray uniform that I will draw later when I'm not lazy. Her casual attire on Cocoon is just a black halter top under a white sleeveless zip-up hoodie, shorts (also black and pretty dang short), and a pair of black combat boots. Her halter top is just long enough to cover her l'Cie brand, although if she stretches her arms up, the bottom can be seen. Her outfit on actual reconnaissance missions is an all black outfit, consisting of tight black pants and a long sleeved shirt, and knee-high leather boots. Since her missions usually consist of going quick and remaining out of sight, this is her best outfit choice. She chooses not to bring her bow along with her, instead bringing the gunblade she barely knows how to use.

The armor given to her by Dahaka is red and trimmed in gold along with golden designs. I'm actually too lazy to describe her army as well.

~*Personality: Vericity is a little rough around the edges, but is otherwise a kind person once you get to know her. Other than that, though, she can be a smidgen rude. She knows how and when to keep a cool head, and can be nice to someone in need. Technically, it's part of her job. She's known to be a jokster with people she knows, although when put like that, it just means she will playfully insult a friend. Nothing ill is meant of it... most of the time. Once someone actually gets to know Vericity, she's almost a completely different person...almost. She's caring, but still usually jokes around. She also takes pity on most l'Cie.

~*Occupation: Sort of former l'Cie who works with a secret military faction called Omega Elite on Cocoon. They work mostly as spies and reconissance, and they are usually given some of the most dangerous missions.

~*History: She was born in the Pulsian city of Cerynn, originally born as Cerynn Eneis Vericity. She was always somewhat adventerous. She had a close relationship with her mother, although the one with her dad was somewhat distant, especially as she got older and she wanted to fight. Her father didn't believe she wanted to be a fighter, but she went ahead anyways. When she was 18, she went out and left Cerynn to prove herself to her father. While she didn't have a good relationship with him, she wanted to prove to him that she could be just as good as a fighter as anyone else.

In her little travels, she met the fal'Cie Dahaka, who branded her as a l'Cie with the Focus to protect her city from any threats, although the only reason for this was because her city was close to Taejin's Tower, Dahaka's home. She was essentially there to protect him.

When she returned home, the War of Transgression started and her Focus was realized, and she protected her village from any and all invaders with the help of Valkor and of course, some other soldiers. However, since her father was sent out, she never got a chance to prove to him her abilities. As the war concluded, she was turned into crystal, with her Focus done and over. Of course, Cocoon people took her crystal back with them to Cocoon, and wiped out what was left of her village.

She came out of stasis 700 years after the war, a calling for Dahaka for another Focus. As she was awoken, Dahaka deemed her his champion...despite her turning around to ignore her new Focus the moment she got it. Dahaka rendered her brand white as she awoke, knowing her new Focus would have to wait for a time. She keeps the armor she was given as his champion, although she is able to dispell it and summon it at will. She left wherever she was, more like snuck out, and met Uriah. He, knowing what she was from seeing her in crystal stasis, helped her out and got her to blend into the Cocoon society, also helping her join up with the Omega Elite.

Despite how her skills are an asset to the Elite, she hasn't really crimed the ranks very much. She still remains a rank above a recruit and she is usually sent out on missions with Uriah. Since she is a l'Cie, she specializes in the roles Commando, Ravager and Sentinel. Her only seccondary role is Medic.

~*Likes: Quiet nights, most of Cocoon's scenery, her work, her Eidolon, working with Uriah.

~*Dislikes: PSICOM, most fal'Cie, crime.

~*Eidolon: Her Eidolon is a large, armored dragon named Valkor. The reason he is covered in plated armor is because he doesn't have a transformation into a vehicle. 

~ * ~

Hop's Characters Sean+O%2527pry+16

Uriah Dreygon

Name: Uriah Dreygon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Short red hair and...stuff, idgaf.

Personality: Uriah is easygoing, although he can get passionate, despite how also soft-spoken he is. Just like Ver, he cares a lot and deeply when he finds someone to actually care about. He doesn't trust many but the people he works with. He's tough in battle, not really one to push over like nothing. He knows what he's doing and he will likely brag about it in a subtle way. He can be a hardass, too, when the moment shows it. Uriah feels bad for most l'Cie, mostly because he believes they do nothing wrong. He harbors a deep hatred for PSICOM, mostly because they trifle in things they don't understand.

Occupation: He is a high ranking member of the Omega Elite, which resides in the Cavalry, but the few members of the Elite regard him as their leader.

History: He lived a simple life, for about ten years, in Bohdum. He had a family who cared about him deeply, and he was fine with that. They didn't shelter him and they let him do as he pleased, within good reason. When he was 10, PSICOM stormed his house and took his parents away, as his father was framed for treason, and his mother taken as well. From there, Uriah was in several different foster homes. He was told his parents were Purged; only exiled to Pulse and maybe, one day, he'd be able to see them again.

When he turned 18, he joined the military, more specifically the Guardian Corps. He exceeded in what he did, landing him a spot in Omega by the time he was 20.

After he joined the military, he learned that the Purge was a coverup for execution, however it never stopped him from wishing to see his parents again. When he was out on a mission, he found Ver trying to escape from where the Sanctum was holding her. Without much of a second thought, he took her along and they fought their way out together. After helping her escape, he offered her a place to stay and hide in the Omega Elite.

Since he isn't a l'Cie, he doesn't have a role.
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Hop's Characters
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