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 Space Lesbians, Some Straight People and a Reaper

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PostSubject: Space Lesbians, Some Straight People and a Reaper    Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:35 pm

"I'm not letting this ship get out of my sights this time..." The turian muttered as he briskly made his way up to the helm of the small frigate he commanded, a data pad held firmly in his hand. Behind him was a krogan and another turian, although female. Today he wasn't going to let the Sanctum's End get away from his grasp; it had happened too many times before and every time was another blow to Yrunes's dignity. His time as a mercenary gave him many allies. On the other side, it had given him many enemies. While he would have liked to stay on Omega to try and reform the mercenaries he had command over, his attention was demanded else where. Not so much a person to go after others for revenge, he didn't think pirates needed to be roaming the galaxy. More specifically, Vyctin.

The krogan crossed his arms, looking out the windows at the front of the small frigate to spy on another ship. It wasn't too much bigger than their own, but it definitely had years on it. The Spectre gave a small frown, shaking his head again. "Hm. Doesn't seem like they've noticed us yet. Or they have and they're just waiting for us to attack first."

There was a small spike in static over the comm system on the Dawn of Legion, before a voice cracked through the speakers. "Lontur here!" Another turian piped up through the speakers. "Were the coordinates I gave you correct? It's not all the time we get an accurate location for this ship. Sanctum's End is more elusive than we anticipate." A snort sounded from the dark gray turian standing closer to the pilot's seat, his free hand gripping the pilot's chair. "They were this time. We're tailing the ship now. I think they've noticed but they're waiting until..." He glanced out the other side of the ship's helm windows, taking notice of another ship. He only stared for a few seconds, glancing down at the pilot. "...Lenas." He muttered, his grip releasing on the pilot's chair to taking several slow steps towards the windows. "Tap into their comm system. I refuse to let another ship take our target." He stood back, his eyes narrowing slightly. "On it, Yrunes." The turian at the helm nodded, pulling up an extra holo-screen. A few seconds of tinkering and she went back to piloting the ship. "Go ahead, Yrunes."

Yrunes frowned slightly, turning back to face the front of the ship once more. "This is Commander Kazin, captain of the Dawn of Legion. I'm going to have to ask you to divert your course away from Sanctum's End." He folded his arms behind his back. "Probably for your own safety."
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Nee Baba

Nee Baba

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PostSubject: Re: Space Lesbians, Some Straight People and a Reaper    Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:56 pm

The low usual hum filled the silence of the ship as every crew member focused on their task. A female Turian paced at the largest window of the ship her hands were tightly clasped behind her back as she thought, clenching and un-clenching, spying the other ship floating out in the void. They had been tracking this ship for...months it seemed, maybe even longer. After the bombing of her original ship and almost her and her crew getting spaced the time spent hunting down this Sanctum's End was moot now. "Rypheen! you going to stare at the bastard  or am I going to see some action!" the loud gruff voice brought her out of her thoughts as she glanced at the Krogan, who grinned eagerly, slamming his two fists together making the pilot jump slightly in her seat. Rypheen sighed touching the human pilot slightly on the shoulder and received and nervous but firm nod from the girl. "would you calm down you old fool. We're getting into position." she glanced out the window at the Sanctum's End. It hadn't moved at all and the Thunder had to be on their sensors by now but she didn't question it.

"we're going to hit them like they did us, those bastards don't deserve warning." she nodded to the pilot, who quickly pulled up a second board, typing in a verification code. The Krogan behind them grunted, clearly pleased by the command "ahh finally! I thought you were going to back down like a welp! We havn't seen bloodshed in months I thought I was going to have to finally kill you."  he grumbled, walking to the window to stare out himself. Rypheen scratched her chin before she managed a laugh "You'll get your chance I'm sure Mok, but not today. How're those weapons Raeann?" Raeann looked up at her captain and nodded "We're almost online, full power like you asked, Chom will have something to say about it sapping energy from the core but.." she tapped a few more keys to pull up a status screen "We won't need an escape rout, with this power we should be able to blast through any shields they have" the girl finished by pulling up the Thunder's targeting system.

Rypheen nodded, her attention going back to the ship infront of them "Fire as soon as you can. I don't want to miss this chance." she almost turned when she heard a distinct alert come from the pilots panel "ah..Ma'am? Someone is trying to contact the ship, should I patch them through? It's...not the Sanctum's End" The turian captain turned on her heels, and was back at the panel in a few short steps "Who the hell...sure.. patch them through." she waited patiently as the comm crackled for a moment and a voice clearly came through. Rypheen frowned, glaring at the continuous blip showing the connection. "patch me in to theirs immediately" she waited glacing out the window Mok was looking to see the ship before Raeann gave a quick nod as Rypheen stepped forward over the system "This is Captain Shadorian of the Artificial Thunder, we have no intentions of diverting our course and plan on engaging the Sanctum's End. I wouldn't interfere, for your own safety" she paused before leaning in again "Besides Commander...we were here first." A loud laugh came from the Krogan at the window as Rypheen stepped away from the comm. "hold fire for now Raeann, lets see what he has to say about that"
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Space Lesbians, Some Straight People and a Reaper
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