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 Two Lesbian Witches, A Demon, A Mortal, and Pain

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Hops But

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PostSubject: Two Lesbian Witches, A Demon, A Mortal, and Pain   Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:49 am

It had only been a few months since two witches had reunited with each other, but at the beginning, both were oblivious to how much they really knew each other, other than the fact that they both came from the same clan. A few weeks it took them to remember how close they had actually been, and another two to ignite a lasting relationship. Both witches had fallen into a simple routine on a daily basis. They would sleep, very close with no lasting gap between them, until the afternoon. One would rouse the other with kisses, tickles, anything that would surely get little laughs out of them. Both would shower, often times simultaneously, and begin their day with shopping; it was almost a given that's what their day would consist of. A short visit to the bar was almost always inevitable, and the day would be wrapped up with good old fashioned angel slaying. And today was no different, for the most part.

Venera stretched out her body, checking to make sure her pocket watch was in place before pulling out her guns Babalon and Canilu, spinning them before taking a tight grip on them. The moon shined bright that night, reflecting off of her tight leather-like outfit. Moonlight shone off of the silver chains highlighting her outfit and she smiled, glancing to her lover that stood next to her. "It's the perfect night to slay some angels, hm?" She asked, a smirk playing on her lips. "The sky is clear and the moon is out. Not often we get a combination like that."
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Nee Baba


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PostSubject: Re: Two Lesbian Witches, A Demon, A Mortal, and Pain   Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:43 pm

The Purple witch stood on her toes a bit, taking a heavy and deep intake of the crisp night air. She loved nights like this, moon high in the sky and the promise of a good fight just around the corner. Pomyle leaned against a large rock in the dark field they were in, perhaps for a normal  human it would be impossible to see, but for the two witches it was almost as clear as day...though the dark was much more pleasing on the eyes. Po watched her friend and lover flip her guns with a deep fondness, before meeting Venera's gaze "oh quite" she began, pushing off the dusty rock as she walked towards the red witch with natural sway "though I don't find the moon nor the night holding my attention quite as long as you do" Pomyle leaned into Venera, donning her with kisses to the cheek down to her neck.

It had been a few months since the two witches had been reunited, though under odd circumstances. Po hadn't remembered Venera at all when she initially woke from the ward she had set on herself so many years ago in a daze, confused on the new modern world around her and not a friend in sight. At least until a few years had passed, finally seeing Venera as the leader of an entire nation, an umbra witch, like herself. There had been no mistaking it at the time and Po had dropped everything to find her. The two of them had only recently realized how important they had truly been to one another...which explained so much. long term rivals, a close almost sister like bond, though there was always a craving for more. That was so long ago, the reasons keeping the two apart had long since passed and now Po was more then content sleeping with her best friend every night.

She breathed into Venera for a moment, pressing their cheeks together for a moment as they waited "how long do you think it will take tonight?" she asked before leaning away slightly "sometimes they take so long to notice us" she offered again before leaning away from the Venera further, only to pull one of her guns up for a close inspection. Salem Ascending was written neatly across the side in deep purple. Po slid a finger along the barrel, frowning as she looked up again only to be met with a pleasant surprise. "Oh there they are, late as always" Pomyle hummed as the dark sky opened up, rays of brilliant light shown down as the witches much awaited angelic guests finally arrived.
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Two Lesbian Witches, A Demon, A Mortal, and Pain
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