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 Bag o' Characters

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Bag o' Characters Th210

Name: Kailona Remaleen

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Occupation: previous member of PSICOM

Weapon used most often: Self-customized machine gun.

Bio: unexpectedly born into a merchant family in the commercial city of Palumpolum, Kailona had three brothers and two sisters, she was the youngest, unplanned and last child to be born into the Remaleen family. Her mother and father were tailors who's clothing was popular among the tourists, with such demand the children were expected to help their parents with production, Kailona was expected no less, knowing work at a young age, helping her older siblings with do-able jobs or bringing fabric to her parents. Her siblings would often tease her about not being wanted, or unplanned which was the beginning of a long running strive to be accepted and prove her worth. At the age of nine Kailona's life took a horrid twist along with her first taste of what she would soon come to hate.

During the heaviest traffic of the day her father was approached by a man, who gunned him down point blank, Kailona being the soul witness to the event. The man continued to go on a rampage and by her mother, Kailona was instructed to hide. For hours she hid listening to screams of her family and loud gunfire, and she stayed long after it was all over, trembling and twitching. A slight eye twitch she would have for most of her life due to any sound of a firearm. She was found shortly after by a soldier, with the intent to purge young Kailona, the man took pity on the girl, smuggling her out of the war zone that was once her house. It was by that soldier she was raised, learning that it was a pulse L'Cie that had attacked her family, she was considered 'tainted' and as she continued to grow the man held over her head what she owed him for her life. There wasn't much persuasion needed when Kailona was of age to join the military branch her self proclaimed adoptive father was from, and in her early teens started training for PSICOM. With a long lasting vendetta against Pulse and it's L'Cie she was talented with what she did, showing more passion then other soldiers to prove her hatred for her targets. Ironically her best weapon was the standard issue machine gun, her obvious twitch shielded by her helmet. During her service for PSICOM she acquired the nickname 'Kai' from fellow soldiers which often confused her for a man from her often brutal tactics, an idea she used as an advantage.
It was on her twenty fifth birthday was when her life changed yet again, a particularly hairy mission sent her unknowingly face to face with a Fal'cie, before having time to react the predicament she was in, she was branded and tagged with an unclear focus. She attempted to hide her brand when she was found by her troop, though disgusted with herself knowing that the Fal'cie that branded her was indeed Pulse. Upon her return she thought to confide in her surrogate father, but to no availed, he refused to help her saying saving her from purging was enough risk. Abandoned once again, and becoming what she hated most, she has no other choice then to discover what her focus is and avoids reveling what she is.

Personality: Kailona is generally standoffish, her insecurities causing her to make brash assumptions that lead to a cold upfront. Though from lack of attention or affection her coldness is a retaliation of simply not knowing how to react without it being in a professional manner. Friendly meetings are often slightly awkward on her part, she doesn't make it much past a handshake without feeling displaced, preferring to talk tactics or about weaponry. She doesn't enjoy being alone but do her lack of social graces she often ends that way, her becoming a L'Cie pushed her only further from contact with others.

Eidolon: Tolba, a large heavy armored turtle. The shell separates to reveal a rapid fire Gatling gun. He transforms into a tank.

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Bag o' Characters
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